Today, VRstudios has hit a milestone as it started to ship its virtual reality systems to the business consumers globally.

The Bellevue-based startup, previously in stealth mode has created a wireless and full-motion virtual reality software/hardware solution which lets the customers in the industries counting from aeroscope to entertainment, to architecture to construction to use a wholly immersive virtual environment.


Already it has dispatched and also installed systems in various places, such as China, United States, and France to the consumers who utilize the tech in unraveling business requirements, whether it is a pre-construction walk-through for the architects or simply a gaming setting at a fun center for a family.

This system allows various individuals to take part in the same virtual environment, at the same time, include cameras, interactive devices, and headsets, plus an SDK for the development partners. What makes the technology exclusive is what has popularly known as room-scale virtual reality, or the virtual reality experiences which allow the users to be walking around in the real world and have that rendered to a movement in the digital setting.

Charles Herrick, the VRstudios CEO told GeekWire, “Our existing clients are early adopters of this type of VR technology and view it as a being a significant competitive advantage.


VRstudios retail a number of system configurations ranging from $40000 to about $750000 and can either be owned or leased.

Herrick also noted, “These are turnkey systems that are delivered, deployed and being totally managed by our customers after installation and training. We have also sold portable versions of the VRstudios platform to clients that needed the ability to take the immersive experience to their customers.

Last September, the company upturned about $1.3 million seed round and it held, it is continuing to raise more investment that would aid roll in ‘more million dollars’ by around the end of March.

VRstudios, which hires 20 originally began 5 years ago as a virtual reality gaming company known as VRcade. In 2014 July, that LLC was restructured and branded VRstudios Inc. with a refurbished model which extended beyond gaming and into extra commercial enterprise simulation chances.

VRstudios is now a larger organization having three product lines: the VRcade that focuses on just video games; the VRdesign that does architects; and VRsolutions which is offering custom services for virtual reality deployments.

VRcade keeps developing its virtual reality arcade and last summer it installed a standalone system in Dave and Buster’s flagship store in Milpitas, Calif. Herrick noted that the plot was very successful as waiting time often neared four hours for the customers that were so eager. He said VRcade is coming up with more content as well as games and a new multi-player capabilities which support ‘significant Dave and Buster’s rollout’.

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