Whatever is happening in this PlayStation VR reveal trailer, I like it

Statik is a virtual reality game about technology, perception and puzzles coming to PS4 and PlayStation VR.

Congratulations! You now know as much as I do. The game’s promotional website is presented in-fiction and contains a volunteer readiness quiz (I got 61% although I don’t know what that means) as well as employee and company history for the Statik Institute of Retention.

The whole thing is giving me a kind of Stanley Parable, Soma vibe, and I really like the hands locked in the control box – as they are presumably glued to your controller as you play – and that at least part of the experience takes place while seated so you don’t get that movement disconnect.

Anyway, developer Tarsier Studios wrote a little bit more about the game’s plot on the PlayStation Blog if you fancy it. I think I’m gonna try to keep this one spoiler-free, personally.

No release date as yet but presumably sometime around or after PlayStation VR’s October release.

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