Google unveiled Daydream, its platform for virtual reality this year in its I/O conference. And now, the search giant has opened up platform for developers to create apps for it.

Called the Daydream Developer Kit, it will allow developers to create VR apps for Android. To develop, developers need to have three pieces of hardware- a Nexus 6P phone running Android N, which is the only supported VR phone by Google at this point of time, another Android phone with a gyroscope running Android Kitkat or a later version which will act as a controller emulator. Finally, developers will require a VR headset which is compatible with Google Cardboard.


The controller phone with the gyroscope will get paired via Bluetooth with the Nexus 6P. Google has released a controller emulator software that needs to be installed on the controller phone.

The software emulates the Google Daydream Controller, which is a dedicated piece of hardware by Google to interact with the VR platform. Hence, the app is designed so that it can be used without looking.

Sample apps are included in the developer kit. The VR SDK is available on two platforms for now, Unity and Android SDK.

Developers who are a part of Google’s Daydream Access Program can actually publish apps on the Play Store. The access program gives early access to new information, tools and features of Daydream. But from early next year, all developers will gain access to publish VR apps on the Play Store. To sign up for the Daydream Access Program, check here.

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