Oculus Rift is finally rolling out the much awaited new peripherals which will add an even deeper level of emersion into its virtual reality worlds. At the Oculus Connect 3 conference, Oculus announced the peripherals which are up for preorder. They include the long-awaited Oculus Touch controllers, as well as a standalone head-tracking camera that will allow for full room-scale VR with the Rift.

oculus rift controlers


Everybody eagerly waited for the release of the Oculus Touch controllers. It will cost $200, and is available for preorder Oct. 10 and go on sale Dec. 6. With these controllers, the player would be able to physically manipulate objects in the virtual world. If you move your arm in a certain way in real life then these controllers will project the same movement in the virtual space, no matter what games you are playing. It’s similar to the touch controllers functions of HTC’s Vive. But Oculus’s controller fits more comfortably in the hand.

oculus rift head-tracking

Another peripheral that is announced is a head-tracking camera for the Rift which will cost $80. It will help track your physical movement around at set space in a room. It’s also known as room-scale VR.

Out of the 3 VR headsets currently available, Sony’s PlayStation VR is cheapest at $400 (though you should get the $500 bundle). The HTC Vive is now the second least expensive at $800, while the Rift is now the priciest, when fully outfitted with motion controllers and a third camera, at $880.

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