One owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has taken to Reddit to voice their frustration with the company.

Reddit user agolightly recently attempted to get a refund on the Samsung Gear VR that was purchased with their Galaxy Note 7, but Samsung has apparently refused to refund the device because it can be used with other handsets, like the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

The gear VR is apparently outside of Samsung’s 30 day return policy and Redditor agolighty explained to Samsung that this was because his Note 7 was recalled twice. You can see agolightly explain what happened below.

I purchased a Gear VR Headset directly from Samsung after I ordered my Note 7 in late August. I stopped using the VR after news of exploding Notes began to surface. After the initial recall, I left work early and headed into AT&T and processed my exchange for a replacement unit (that I was told was safe.) Yesterday I called Samsung to return my Gear VR as I am no longer interested in purchasing a Samsung phone. They gave my a callback ticket and said they would contact me the next day. A service rep named Melissa just called me back – and explained that they will NOT be accepting my return of the Gear VR – as “it is supported by other Samsung phones – and I am outside of the 30 day return window”…

Considering that Samsung recalled the handsets and this Note 7 owner has decided not to go for another Samsung device, you would think Samsung would refund the Gear VR that was purchased to use with the Note 7.

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