MVR Global commissioned DW Studio to produce an exciting launch video teaser. The ground breaking virtual reality hardware required pre-production marketing through a fully CGI video.

The MVR – Ascend technology, compatible with PS4, Xbox One and PC is the only VR system able to play existing and future games in tether-free VR. The immersive experience is demonstrated through engaging DW Studio motion graphics. Carefully planned and creative animations highlight the unique features and benefits, helping generate interest in the product and ensure a future ‘must have’ Christmas purchase.

Deliverables for the innovative electronics company included a comprehensive HD showcase video for presenting the system at online and exhibitions globally, along with a 30 second teaser video to drive further interest in the product. Additional looping animated product shots and high resolution images, ensured the futuristic technology was portrayed as exciting as possible, across many marketing channels.

Visit their launch website here:

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