Ford’s VR app will now allow you to take a 360 degree virtual reality tour of Ken Block’s bonkers Gymkhana 9.

When Ken Block’s Gymkhana 9 dropped a few weeks back we had to take some time out to reset our heads after all the head spinning and tyre smoking we experienced.

However, Ford in their infinite wisdom (hooray!) have decided to make the Gymkhana 9 experience even more crazier by allowing enthusiasts and fans of Block a chance to take a 360 degree VR look into the behind the scenes action of the crazy video.

The video, which is part 1 of the series, see Ken Block for the first time in a 360 degree VR video as he explains the numerous stunts like the insane train drift scene.

Of, course you get to take a ride inside Block personal rallycross machine the Ford Fiesta RS RX. Hopefully this will keep us entertained before Hoonicorn Version 2.0 takes on Pikes Peak with its methanol drinking 1381bhp twin-turbo V8.

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