“People always ask why I added the wings to the physical dragon since they don’t really do anything. However for me the experience begins way before the user even puts on the headset.”

We’ve all needed to journey on the again of a dragon. If somebody tells you in any other case then they’re both mendacity or had an extremely unimaginative childhood. Sadly although, and I apologize upfront to those that are unaware, dragons don’t truly exist. This hasn’t stopped Abhishek Singh, an impartial VR developer devoted to coaching you on the finer factors of piloting the notorious medieval creatures. Nevertheless what makes this virtual reality recreation so attention-grabbing isn’t the software, it’s the 20 foot duplicate dragon with controllable reigns that you simply’re sitting on.


The How To Fly Your Dragon experience contains a mountable dragon construction coated in sensors that hyperlink it in actual time to the virtual beast you journey within the simulation. Utilizing precise reins connected to the construction, gamers are capable of navigate their flight in-game as they discover mysterious floating islands in the hunt for hidden easter eggs. It’s an experience that’s simply as superb as it’s ridiculous. That’s why it’s most likely best to get the knowledge instantly from the mastermind. VRScout was in a position sit with the person himself and get the low-down on how this fantastical challenge got here to be. Fantastical is an actual phrase proper?

Are you able to share how lengthy it took you to construct the dragon?

Abhishek: It took a bit of over three sleepless weeks to create all the experience from preliminary idea to rideable dragon. Your complete fabrication of the bodily dragon and the sensors was accomplished in a few week. The remainder of the time was spent in modeling the virtual dragon and all the virtual world, coding the experience in Unity and wonderful tuning it so the actions and manipulations of the bodily dragon synced up completely with these occurring within the headset.

What’s the object of the sport?

Abhishek: I titled the piece ‘How To Ride Your Dragon’ after a equally titled Dreamworks film as a result of I simply thought it will be critically cool to truly see what it feels wish to journey a dragon. From Avatar to Sport of Thrones, I’m positive we’ve all wished at the very least as soon as that we might truly experience this. So in its present kind the sport is all about exploration, the place you’re seated atop this magnificent beast hovering by way of a magical and legendary land of floating islands, canyons, volcanoes and unusual landscapes.


Is the VR experience only for Gear VR, is it available but for the general public?

Abhishek: It really works each in Gear VR and cardboard. It’s a smoother experience on the GearVR and because the headset sits snugly in your head, your fingers are free to manage the reins. I’m at the moment engaged on releasing a model for each shops that received’t require you to put in a 20 foot dragon in your house.

The place did you’ve the bodily dragon setup? Was it for an event?

Abhishek: Sure this explicit setup(within the video) was on the DCN Summit however I’ve additionally set it up on the World Science Competition and the ITP Present. It all the time attracts consideration from individuals of all ages and it’s enjoyable to see an grownup begrudgingly surrender his slot within the line as a result of a child needs to get on first. It’s all the time an enormous hit with youngsters.


What are your future plans for the experience and the dragon contraption? Any modifications you’d make to enhance the experience?

Abhishek: I’ve constructed all the dragon contraption so it might probably simply be dismantled and reassembled when wanted so I wish to demo it in additional locations so individuals can experience it. I all the time thought some model of this may make a very cool addition to a VR theme park. I wish to add a multiplayer facet to it as nicely so you may fly by way of the world together with different riders as a dragon fleet of types, which in fact would require extra dragons to be constructed. I’ve been experimenting with utilizing a fan to recreate the feeling of wind blowing in your face and could be making everlasting addition. As an exploration recreation, there are already a number of easter eggs sprinkled by way of the surroundings – hidden tunnels, canyons, caves, waterfalls and the subsequent step could be so as to add a storyline – give the rider a function and mission.

Are you working solo or working with a staff?

Abhishek: Sure this was solely a solo challenge however I’m all the time open to working with extra individuals. Specifically to take this ahead in the way in which I envision, working in a staff would positively assist.


The rest concerning the challenge you’d like individuals to find out about?

Abhishek: Folks all the time ask why I added the wings to the bodily dragon since they don’t actually do something. Nevertheless for me the experience begins means earlier than the user even places on the headset. Once they enter the room and see this dragon throne ready for them it’s instantly empowering, magical and thrilling and people are feelings that I would like users to hold with them into the virtual world as nicely. I additionally paid shut consideration to making sure the virtual dragon and the bodily dragon had the identical look.Your complete experience is about linking the bodily with the virtual after which utilizing the virtual to reinforce your senses. I might have maybe offered related management with a hand-held controller however that may not have been practically as thrilling or as enjoyable.


So there you’ve it! One man on a mission to convey fantasies biggest flying creature to life. With such an formidable challenge you’d suppose Abhishek could be targeted solely on this challenge. Guess once more. The formidable developer additionally lately cofounded svrround.com, a model new digital platform to create and share 360 diploma video content material.

Abhishek has large plans for the upcoming platform and if there half as cool as they sound, we’re in for some fairly superb experiences. “The entire focus with Svrround (pronounced surround) is to augment and utilize the 360 space to help improve both audience retention and engagement. So we’ve built an entire toolkit that allows you to manipulate the stream on the fly and at the same time track detailed analytics to see how the audience is engaging with the content. We’re also making a big push in creating and putting out regular live 360 programming that would give users a reason to pick up their headsets on a regular basis.”

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