JOIN the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, ride on a rocket and explore the lunar landscape from the comfort of the Innovation Lab at the City Library.

From 6pm tomorrow night, visitors can enjoy virtual reality for free using the best technology on the market, an HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset worth $1200. Come-and-try VR sessions will be held every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm to 6pm in the Innovation Lab.

Acting digital services co-ordinator Jess Curtis said the moon trip was one of 10 VR experiences in the new program devised by Innovator in Residence Daish Malani of Addlife Technologies.

“He submitted an application and VR was something we’d been talking about for quite some time, so we saw it as a great opportunity,” he said.

“The Innovation Lab exists to give everybody in the community equal access to new technology.

“It’s about experimental learning as well, learning in different ways that fit in with the future of technology.”

Bridie Squire, 15, of Norwood said the “amazing” VR experience was “really incredible”.

“Even the introduction, the JFK speech and everything, it taught you the history so much better than sitting in a classroom listening to the teacher,” she said.

“Actually seeing it gives you a different perspective and it’s so cool looking out at Earth.”

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