DIS•EM•BODY : to divest of a physique, of corporeal existence, or of reality.

Immediately’s age of know-how and cybernetic systems encourages people to be current in lots of locations without delay. Whether or not it’s in particular person or just about (by means of textual content messages, social media posts, emails, and so forth.), items of ourselves are scattered all over the place. This splitting of realities permits for a number of fragmented representations of the person who doesn’t exemplify she or he solely.

This interactive set up makes use of mirrors to symbolize fragments of the bodily self that’s usually distracted by the virtual self, which is represented by the analog televisions and computer screens. A Kinect digital camera, related to Max/MSP/Jitter, detects the silhouette(s) of the viewer(s) and outputs particular and ranging items to the screens in a mismatched order. As know-how constructs a perceived reality that’s alienated from the true kind, these screens display the silhouettes as chilly, pixelated, static/noise varieties to replicate the digital age. The set up additionally represents the economic part of the fashionable age by enjoying chilly, uncooked, machine-like, and digital sounds. Actual-time sounds within the room are captured by a microphone and distorted to sound much less natural and extra technological.

In our piece, we convey a essential perspective to know-how as we immediate the viewer to query company, autonomy and the way their notion of self has modified and tailored to the technologic period.

Mission by: Amanda Lee (http://aleecreations.com) & Naïade Aoun

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