2016 has had its ups and down for smartphone producer, Samsung and it seems that the company is keeping its hopes up and moving forward with marketing campaigns for the holiday. The latest invites Gear VR owners to take a ride with Santa on Christmas Eve.

The VR experience is titled “The Night Before” and it invites Gear VR users to take a ride in Santa’s sleigh filled with gifts. The VR experience starts with elves loading up Santa’s sleigh with various gifts for children from all around the world.

Then the reindeers start galloping and the adventure around the world starts. As expected, the ride starts in the expected spectacular manner, with one elf mentioning that gifts must be delivered to children in over 20,000 cities and urging Santa to stick to the plan.

Use a Gear VR headset to check out the experience

The adventure starts from the North Pole, then the ride takes users to Egypt, showing off a stunning image of the pyramids at sunset. Afterward, the sleigh arrives in Tokyo and through some unfortunate event, Santa and the sleigh are shown in space with no foreseeable way of getting back to earth. Fortunately, Santa manages to return to Earth in time for Christmas.

The VR experience ends with Santa inviting an elf on the next year, suggesting that Samsung might launch additional VR experiences for the holidays.

Users would need a Samsung Gear VR headset in order to check out the experience. They would also need to pair the headset with a Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, S6 edge or S6 edge+ or Galaxy S7 or S7 edge.

Those who don’t have Gear VR headsets can watch the 360-degree video on YouTube, although it won’t be as spectacular. Nonetheless, those who live or visit Los Angeles or New York City during the holidays can check out the full VR experience at The Grove in LA or Herald Square Park in NYC.

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