Get ready to travel back in time to 1st century AD Jerusalem this Christmas!

These awe inspiring VR reconstructions of the ancient world will leave you speechless. Just imagine being able to take in the cityscape of ancient Jerusalem at the time of Christ.  With Ancient Jerusalem in VR for Android, it is possible this Christmas.

Lithodomos VR is a breakthrough virtual reality company that creates archaeologically accurate 3D reconstructions of the ancient world.

The app transports users back in time, to the city of Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. Users can see the Western Wall towering above them, newly constructed and a staggering 20 metres (66 feet) tall. What’s more, every detail has been thoroughly researched to ensure archaeological accuracy. Simon Young, archaeologist and founder said that “Lithodomos VR was inspired by a burning desire to travel back in time and see the Greek and Roman worlds first hand. VR gave me the tools to do it. What differentiates Lithodomos VR from the rest is its commitment to archaeological accuracy.”

You can also visit other sites in LithodomosVR’s demo app:


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