Having a new Oculus Rift might put some players under stress searching for the best games, apps or VR experiences. While there are a lot of choices out there, recommendations from reputable gaming enthusiasts would still make a difference.

Polygon aims to help Oculus Rift owners who are in need of special recommendations to settle themselves for great games and apps. It has rounded up all the best games and apps regardless of the users taste.

For Oculus Rift VR experiences, there’s Dreamdeck, which is a series of ten passive experiences where players only have to look around and take pleasure in virtual reality world and it’s free! Another free VR experience is the Allumette, which is somewhat a short film with charming visuals and good with evoking emotional reaction from the players.

TheBlue: Season 1 is a collection of undersea VR experiences, all of which are relaxing especially the moment when the players get to meet the 80-foot whale. This scene is one of the most iconic demos in VR, which is worth the $9.99 cost.

As for Oculus Rift VR games, “The Climb” is a great climbing game using a standard controller that costs $33.49, the rhythm violence game “Thumper” costs $19.99, the tense game “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” costs $14.99 and the “Lucky’s Tale,” which is perfect for kids plus it’s free!

With regard to the games that require the Touch controllers, Oculus offers a bundle that costs $89.99, according to the Verge. It includes “I Expect You To Die,” “Space Pirate Trainer,” “Superhot VR,” “Kingspray Grafitti” and “The Climb” with a total savings of 25 percent.

Furthermore, “Fruit Ninja VR” costs $14.99 and “The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed” is $19.99. The art app Quill and the multiplayer shooter “Dead & Buried” are both free for Touch users.

For those who have the core Rift headset without motion controllers, “Chronos” and “Technolust” are gamepad based that are available anytime. Additionally, many Vive titles are also supported by Oculus Rift.

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