Virtual Reality startup Jaunt has launched its application on PlayStation VR, thus giving users of the gaming platform access to more than 150 VR experiences, including contents like  “Shaq goes to Cuba, “Escape the living dead VR, “Invasion” and several other episodes of ABC News VR.

This release invariably means that Jaunt’s application is now available on all major VR platforms such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR and Google’s Daydream. Users can also download applications to their Android and iOS phones so as to watch Jaunt’s catalog with Cardboard headsets and also in the form of traditional 360 degree videos.

Currently the application is free and there is no monetization strategy in place, although the company has noted that paying its content creators is on the roadmap. Jaunt is an easy place for creators to share their VR experiences with the world, and there are already some amazing titles in the application’s library, according to BGR.

Most of the videos are short and are in the range of eight to ten minutes although, as it features 360 degree immersion, it is always fun to revisit the same experiences several times to see how things play out when the user is looking in a different direction, according to Yahoo News.

Jaunt started as a Virtual Reality camera startup, but in recent months, it has put more emphasis on its content distribution efforts. The company is a distributor of virtual reality titles for a number of partners, and has equally participated in the production of select titles with the help of its camera systems.

Jaunt has raised more than $100 million dollars of funding from several rounds. Its investors include Sky, Disney, China media Capital and Google Ventures. The company hired Hearst exec George Kliavkoff as its new CEO in September. The application is now available for download.

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