VR is quickly becoming a standard for video games in many regards. For if the capability is there for it to be had, and the team behind the game has the ability to make it work, why shouldn’t they do it? Even if it only adds a little bit to the game, it could make the title even better! That’s what the team behind Clash of the Monsters did, and their game now supports VR!

Now, anyone who plays the game, and has a VR headset that runs OpenVR (such as Rift, or Vive) can play Clash of the Monsters in glorious VR. However, the team did want to note a few things before letting players dive in.

First of all, the game is still played from a 3rd person perspective. This is different because usually a VR headset puts people in the 1st person perspective for “realism”. Second, you now control the game camera. This’ll allow you unique views into what is happening. The team notes that the VR mode is still in early development. Some of the standards of VR gameplay, such as a UI Hud, is not available at present, but could be later on. The VR headset does not act like a controller, like some VR games do. Instead, you have to use the keyboard or controller that your console or PC users. Finally, to enable the VR mode, simply go to the character select screen by clicking the VR option with your PC mouse.

So, if you’re looking for a new VR experience, check out Clash of The Monsters, it might just give you a very unique experience.

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