SONY boss Kaz Hirai discusses the future of PlayStation VR, its current shortcomings and why they’re holding back sales figures.

PlayStation VR probably needs “a lot of improvement” in the future Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has told the Daily Star following Sony’s CES keynote in Los Angeles.

The revolutionary virtual reality product launched last October to glowing reviews from consumers and critics alike.

But some of the biggest problems with the device has stemmed from the messy cabling, among other smaller issues with the premium product. and when asked Kaz

When asked about some of these issues Kaz acknowledged these shortcomings and said: “I would say that generally speaking there’s probably a lot of improvement where it makes sense.”

However, he countered this by saying that the PlayStation VR hardware is a “first version”, before noting:

“PlayStation is a business that is known to iterate and to evolve hardware products.”

Those worried that new models of PlayStation VR could see costs increase as new features are added need not worry because Kaz confidently said that although PlayStation could improve the product in future, costs will not be going up.

“[Improvements] have to be balanced with cost considerations as well, because it is a consumer product for gamers so we don’t want to say it’s lighter, whiter or whatever, but it’s going to cost triple. That’s not going to happen.”

Earlier in the week and speaking at the Sony CES keynote, Hirai had stressed that PlayStation VR had had a “great start” which continued through the holiday season.

But precise numbers to back up the good vibes coming from Sony have been hard to come by.

But asked again during our interview Kaz explained there was a specific reason why Sony was holding back sales numbers for the time being.

“We’ve always said we didn’t want to make a huge splash with VR in the beginning because it is something that requires first of all consumers to go into the stores and experience for themselves or at a friends house.

“This is not something you can make a sale based on articles you see in papers, magazines or on websites.

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