“Alien: Isolation” was a terrifying and thrilling game. Initially, gamers were amazed by the game because of the immersion it gives to players. However, the gaming title did not receive a proper VR treatment just like other games. Now, “Alien” director Ridley Scott and the Fox Innovation Lab have decided to collaborate on a virtual reality game based on the forthcoming movie, “Alien: Covenant.” On an important note, the release date regarding of the upcoming game is not yet disclosed to the public so fans will have to wait for announcements.

Disappointment within those previous demos

Fans were very disappointed to know that there was no VR support for the game. The Oculus Rift helped in making the game buzzing around for days and months because it supported what was lacking from the expected VR support. If VR support preceded its entry in the game, it would have been enough to make it one of the most memorable games in history. Dropping the exaggeration, the collaboration of Ridley Scott and Fox Innovation Labs might produce a VR (virtual reality) experience finally as based from Variety; just what fans were looking for.

A movie is coming up in line with the game

Based from PCGamesN and Polygon, the upcoming game “Alien: Covenant” is a sequel to “Prometheus.” Compared to the inquisitive astronauts that were discovering life on a strange planet, “Alien: Covenant” talks about the same astronauts or space explorers. Now they have another purpose of looking for a planet inhabitable by humans with their ship “Covenant”.

Instead of judging the planet as a serene Eden, a good place to live in, these explorers lately discovered that the planet is actually dangerous. As they all say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Fans can view the trailer on YouTube and it is enough to give them the chills and thrills. The movie will release sometime in May.

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