Lenovo surprised everyone at the CES 2017 as they unveil their new Lenovo VR headset. The Lenovo VR headset is realistically far cheaper than the famous Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

With the use of the Microsoft’s Windows Holographic software, Lenovo creates a VR headset that will allow everyone to play VR games with a small amount of cash. Without an official name, the Lenovo VR headset was first shown in the recent CES 2017.

The CNET confirmed that the Lenovo VR will be released in the second quarter of the year and can be purchased for $400 only. With a hundred bucks difference, the Lenovo VR headset is now set to be the cheapest VR as of today.

The Lenovo VR was reportedly more comfortable to wear than any other VR headset available. It has been said that the Lenovo VR is lighter than the Rift and Vive and is very eyeglass-friendly due to its cool headband design.

The new VR headset is using their owned equipments similar to the Microsoft Hololens technology. The technology allows a full-room environment tracking without any help from extra sensors.

The Lenovo VR headset is set to have a minimal high-resolution display and according to the company, they are not expecting more games to be made initially. The company also confirmed that the Lenovo VR will not use the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive’s apps, since the headset will be using the Windows 10 VR and plans to release their own application soon.

On the other hand, UploadVR has the chance to try and review the Lenovo VR, saying that using the Lenovo VR feels like playing a 2D game with a stretched display across the face. Additionally, as they try the Lenovo VR headset, they noticed that the screen was not actually proportioned and looks flat compared to the traditional fish bowl VR environment.

Today, the Lenovo VR headset can be used to watch 3D movies aside from the games that will be released along with the device. The Chinese Company plans to expand their VR headset with more than 200 game titles in the future.

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