Google continues to make its interest in virtual reality more and more. Fast forward to today and the Google’s Virtual Reality platform, Daydream is in full swing. Daydream launched in November 2016 and it becomes the official competitor with Samsung and Oculus for the mobile marketplace.

According to Pocket Lint, Google itself announced that Huawei will make their own Daydream headset. But unlike Google’s Daydream view which uses a soft fabrication for its user, Huawei’s Virtual Reality headset looks a lot more like the Samsung Gear VR using a rigid casing that the phone slips into. Along with the dual on the top, there is a simple strap construction with a foam-padded selection for your face. The field of view is 95 degrees.

One of the appealing things about Daydream is that comes with a remote control. The remote control looks identical to the existing version from Google which led people to think that Huawei was the manufacturer of Google’s remote too. There is no word about the releasing date for Huawei’s Virtual Reality headset but Google said it will be launched at a later date which means it could be at a Mobile World Congress 2017 or later in April 2017.

Huawei is also working on a Tango-based smartphone, Tech Radar reported. Huawei mate 9 Pro, as well as Porsche Design Mate 9 smartphones, will be joining the Daydream family. Huawei’s headset was built to be easy to use with an adjustable focus so it can be used without eyeglasses. Huawei’s headset will also have the benefit of compatibility with Google’s VR motion controller. There are not a lot of phones with the Tango AR technology and there are only 36 Tango-compatible apps on the Google Play Store. Currently, nothing is known about Huawei’s Tango phone.

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