HTC will release new VR games at the Taipei Game Show 2017 and plans to launch new accessories, including the HTC Vive Tracker and a wireless VR headphone, in the second quarter to promote sales of its Vive VR devices.

HTC will release one new VR game developed by Fantahorn Studio and another by 2 Bears Studio and also demonstrate an assortment of games, MR (mixed reality) products to enable show visitors to have VR experience.

HTC already unveiled the Vive Tracker and wireless headphone at CES 2017. The company expects the introduction of these two accessories to inject more creative ideas into its VR ecosystem and accelerate the sales momentum for the Vive.

The wireless headphone, which is developed by TPCast and will be used to connect the Vive and PC terminal, will be available at US$249.

However, some industry sources pointed that the price for the wireless accessories might be too high to help ramp up sales of the Vive VR devices. It is more important for HTC to push up sales of the VR device rather than accessories, commented the sources.

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