Samsung Gear VR is quite a popular gadget and it has been designed to work with Samsung’s flagship devices such as the Galaxy S7 and Note series. Samsung took its very first step into VR with the Gear VR and it was heavily praised for its voice search feature for web browsing among others. Users of Gear VR can browse the web easily with few spoken keywords. They have to use the Samsung Internet app for this. However, for web crawling, Samsung is dependent on Google voice search. Thus, it is must to update Google whenever an update is available.

With its impressive features, the Samsung Gear VR has been dubbed as one of the bestselling gadgets on Amazon for the holiday season of 2016. ( YouTube/Android Authority )

According to Tech Times, if Google is not updated regularly, Gear VR voice search problems may arise. The voice search feature in Samsung Gear VR can be interrupted by other apps and others may not even start. A simple trip to Google Play is enough to find out if Google is updated to its latest version. Those facing problems with text-to-speech, should check the Language and Input under phone settings. They should activate Google text-to-speech engine. Once users put on their VR and open Samsung Internet app, the VR should work fine.

While Samsung Gear VR is compatible with Samsung flagships like Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy S7 series and Note series, fans are eagerly waiting for the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone as their VR experience were marred due to the Galaxy Note 7 recall. With Samsung Gear VR, the flagship phones act as the processor and display while the headset becomes the controller. The Gear VR technology has been enabled by motion sensors.

Samsung’s mobile chief D.J. Koh has promised a better, safer and a more innovative Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Samsung Galaxy Note fans have even expressed their interest on the Note 8 despite Galaxy Note 7 disaster. They still want it back and this has instilled fresh confidence in Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have enhanced VR capabilities.

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