In the space of just one year virtual reality has gone from a highly anticipated hobbyist kit, to a commercially available consumer product available at Best Buy. While the overwhelming majority of that is positive, one thing I do find myself missing is the days when one, or two innovators could blow our collective minds with a hacked together prototype. That wild west era when people with enough imagination, guts and duct tape could create something truly incredible has been overshadowed a bit as more and more money pours into the space. Last week I got to dive back into that time thanks to a new, very early prototype from two modern-day VR cowboys.

The product is so early that it doesn’t even have a name, but its creators do. Stephen Greenwood and Allan Evans are the mad scientists who one day had the thought, “I think we could make a VR headset that works underwater,” and are now following through on that theory. Greenwood works in digital production for Discovery and Evans is the CTO and co-founder of Avegant Glyph.

The duo invited UploadVR to try out their underwater HMD in an early-access demo and we got the whole thing on tape.

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