jules-urbachAt Unity’s Unite keynote in November, Otoy’s Jules Urbach announced that their Octane Renderer was going to be built into Unity to bake gentle subject scenes. However that is additionally establishing the potential for real-time ray tracing of sunshine fields utilizing application-specific built-in circuits from PowerVR, which Urbach says that with 120W might render out as much as 6 billion rays per second. Combining this PowerVR ASIC with foveated rendering and Otoy’s Octane renderer constructed into Unity gives a technological roadmap for having the ability to produce a photorealistic high quality that will likely be like beaming the Matrix into your eyes.


I had an opportunity to meet up with Urbach at CES 2017 the place we talked in regards to the Unity integration, the open requirements work Otoy is engaged on, overcoming the Uncanny Valley, the way forward for the decentralized metaverse, and among the deeper philosophical ideas in regards to the Metaverse that’s the driving motivation behind Otoy’s work towards having the ability to render virtual reality with a visible constancy that’s indistinguishable from reality.

Right here’s Otoy’s Unity Integration Announcement:

Right here’s the opening title sequence from Westworld that makes use of Otoy’s Octane Renderer:

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