Frustrated at the lack of new VR announcements, a reader comes up with his own ideas for new PSVR games.

The PlayStation VR has provided the shot in the arm gaming has needed for years. I’m excited about the hobby again, and it’s as much of a quantum leap as the PlayStation was over the 16-bit era.
So far I’ve enjoyed a good selection of demos and small scale games. But after all of these have been exhausted, and Resident Evil 7 completed, what’s left? It seems that few VR titles are on the horizon beyond Star Trek: Bridge Crew, so if publishers are struggling for original ideas, there are a few I can suggest.

1. Blade Combat

After For Honour, I wondered how the use of the Move controllers might be a good way to fight with swords/axes and shields? Parrying, blocking and cutting/slicing like Fruit Ninja VR. Forward motion isn’t necessary in a game like this, as Batman: Arkham VR illustrates, so no nausea. There could be a variety of styles, including broadswords, samurai, barbarians and Spartans, to name a few.

2. Micro Machines

Something I’ve mentioned before, potentially a unique experience from an actual tiny vehicle view racing around the real world, avoiding the inherent dangers. Pets! Appliances! Vacuum cleaner nozzles! Using environments to help performance! Like a mix of Toy Story and TrackMania.

3. Wild West

Red Dead Redemption/Revolver meets The London Heist. Horseback rides shooting bad guys on carriages and trains. Bar brawls, Move-enhanced fist-fights with surly patrons, bodies, bottles, and broken glasses flying everywhere, gunmen falling from balconies and the piano-player continuing through it all (if you manage not to shoot him). Street duels would be more tense in VR with a dead-eye bullet-time feature to take out multiple targets.

4. Ghost Hunters

Alien Isolation and Resident Evil 7 show how entertaining being scared is. Imagine something similar combined with XCOM and Project Zero. Controlling a small team of investigators and TV crew, looking for ghosts in progressively larger and scarier locations. Strategically you have to decide where each of your crew are placed, what cameras are set up to catch activity, and what technology is used, like a PKE meter or Project Zero’s camera.

Capturing as much evidence as possible for a video compilation to prove/disprove the existence of spooks, gain viewing figures. and get a bigger budget for further missions. Star Trek: Bridge Crew multiplayer would work well here with team communication, and a good risk/reward system of staying to get evidence, or pulling a team member out before they max out their fright meter.

5. Sherlock: Detective

Inspired by Batman: Arkham VR, investigating a crime scene with the Move remotes would add so much realism, as you can crouch and look under/over furniture, pick up objects looking for clues, get close up to details in the scenery and on the walls and use Sherlock’s ability to visualise his brain’s logic using the Move, working out trajectories, movements of suspects and victims (like Batman’s forensic scanner). Featuring likenesses and vocals of actors from the show, would make it a totally new IP.

6. Jurassic Park/Skull Island Safari

Self-explanatory really. After riding the Kong and Jurassic Park attractions at Universal, a sight-seeing type game would be huge fun. Interaction could be with the Move, and shooting/photographing the wildlife from the sides of the vehicles or to slow down a pursuing T-Rex. A lush, life-filled island rendered in high-detail would be a fascinating place to virtually visit.

7. Jedi Academy

Lightsabres using Move remotes! A guaranteed system seller, just like a full-length X-wing VR (or X-Wing/TIE Fighter).

Train in the Force with lift, push/pull moves, and lightsabres. Deflecting objects and blasters and fighting pirates, and darksiders. Testing reactions with starfighter combat to add variety. The Move’s 1:1 movement for lightsabre attacking and defence would be a dream for fans. Each stage could be dedicated to a trial, culminating with a Sith lord duel, would be great for hour-long chunks.

Also WipEout, Dead Space (Extraction shooting game), Steep/SSX Snowboarding (environments would be breathtaking) and Tron (Battlezone’s visuals – lightcycles and deadly discs are perfect for VR).

Hopefully the industry is watching and the good ol’ Game Central Inbox magic will do its thing!

Squibbellion (demonscythe – PSN ID)

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