The Virtual Reality market has strongly developed over the last couple of years, especially HTC and Valve which produced the HTC Vive way back in 2015. It seems that a new player is ready to take the Virtual Reality market by storm as LG has partnered with Valve to create a product which basically has the same features as the Vive but with some amazing design tweaks.

The guys from LG have stated that their headset is in its development stages and will be made available to a broader audience within the next couple of weeks. The design notes are not yet finalized and it means that it is still room from improvement.


LG’s new VR headset comes with a single 3.64 inch LG screen which has a resolution of 2560 x 1400 and bears the same resolution as the Gear VR. It even features a controller which is extremely similar to the Vive and there are still a few differences to be seen regarding its final build.

The headset frame hugely resembles the one encountered on the PlayStation VR as it resembles a ring which fits over the forehead and is tightened on its backside. There is a second band which goes around the headset in order to keep it balanced and it lacks the same degree of comfort of the PlayStation VR.

Comfort is just a matter of personal preference and the developer is sure to improve the way in which the headset rests on the head. LG also need to bring the screen a little bit closer to the eyes and these features might change over the next couple of weeks as its features will be able to be tested by some developers.

The audio setup might also be subject to some change as it only features a headphone jack which is oddly stuck on the side of the headset. One of the most important features of the LG helmet however is that it has a similar build as a motorcycle helmet visor in order to exit VR, the front of the device can be lifted up in order to stop the VR immersion.

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