Gear up on robots, virtual reality and cow sensors for Wednesday.

Cruise VR Tom Cruise in VR is an action flick recipe that was bound to happen. And it is. Cruise is starring in a new version of “The Mummy” series. But to tease the movie, due out this June, he and his co-star are going to shot for a teaser showing them falling out of the sky, after their plane crashes in mid-air.

IMAX will offer the so-called VR Experience at certain location, viewable in specially designed chairs that also offer haptic feedback including the sensation of zero gravity. (Like that’s not going to make anyone queasy.) Anyone at SXSW this weekend can sign up for a chance to view the trailer in VR. Here’s the trailer below, not in VR. But it still features the Cruiseman nonetheless. (Via UploadVR)

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