Appy Pie is a popular name for those who like to build simple and easy apps. The platform allows the users to build apps by simply dragging and dropping elements, which makes the otherwise complicated process very, very easy. In their latest update today they have announced that they are now bringing forward the ability to build AR and VR apps using the same drag and drop technique!

Platforms like Appy Pie allow businesses with limited budgets to easily build apps that are fun to interact with, as well as can be built without much of a technical knowledge. While the experience might not be as amazing as an app that has been fully coded by a team of developers, this is a great tool for anyone looking forward to build an app to increase their presence. Appy Pie offers the users the basic AR and VR features –

With Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality now becoming almost a mainstream technology, more and more companies are quickly jumping in and adding some features into their apps. Apple too, is all set to double down their efforts in the world of AR this year. The company is expected to release an AR headset sometime later this year. Thanks to DIY app making platforms such as App Pie, everyone has an access to this gen-next technology!

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