In a brand new report from IDC (Worldwide Knowledge Company), the market analysis agency predicts a close to 10 fold enhance within the shipments of augmented and virtual reality headsets within the subsequent four years, bolstered by a plethora of recent devices and “expanding array of content for both consumer and enterprise users.”

Lets be sincere, the previous few years have seen some fairly wild hypothesis from trade analysts while the thrill and hype surrounding the latest renaissance in immersive expertise has ridden high. A brand new report from IDC revealed final week nonetheless, whereas nonetheless erring on the aspect of ‘very optimistic’ in our opinion, may very well present some attainable target aspirations for the fledgling VR trade.

“2016 marked an important step for the AR and VR headset market with product finally arriving in end users’ hands and on their heads,” famous Ramon Llamas, analysis supervisor with IDC’s Augmented and Digital Actuality workforce. “While there was clear demand coming primarily from technology enthusiasts, what became readily apparent were the use cases for enterprise users across multiple verticals and for consumers with gaming and content consumption. This sets the stage for the multiple aspects of the market that device makers, platforms and content providers, and developers will be addressing in the months and years to come.”

2016 noticed the arrival of three main shopper virtual reality headsets, the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. Despite Sony being pleasantly surprised by its official PSVR sales figures – with the practically 1 million models offered since its October 2016 launch – it’s troublesome to get a deal with on market penetration for VR hardware thus far. Many analysts issued considerably gloomy experiences on VR’s efficiency in 2016, regardless of that proven fact that the ‘disappointments’ cited had been usually as a result of some ludicrous and overexcited prediction from the analyst trade thus far.

Samsung confirmed at CES in January that its Oculus engineered Samsung Gear VR headset had passed an install base figure of 5 Million and extra lately Google affirmed that it had shipped over 10 Million Cardboard viewers. Nevertheless it’s affordable to say that the high value of VR headsets and the gaming hardware wanted to assist them, is holding high-end VR accessibility low proper now. Nonetheless, 2017 will see a glut of new devices hit the market from new vendors, rising alternative for customers and introducing competitors. On the similar time, regardless of the final deal with VR’s leisure prospects, IDC sees the expertise’s wider enchantment to different verticals as key to its progress predictions.

“Although AR remains as the minority portion of the market in terms of shipments, these headsets are expected to bring in significantly more revenue over the course of the forecast as the value of AR headsets grows from $209 million in 2016 to $48.7 billion in 2021. Meanwhile, VR headsets grow from $2.1 billion in 2016 to $18.6 billion in 2021,” states IDC’s report.

As we’ve mentioned, these numbers nonetheless really feel a contact on the optimistic aspect, and it’s troublesome to see how briskly augmented reality – lengthy seen because the logical target evolution from VR for immersive expertise – will develop as soon as huge AR gamers like Magic Leap (and hopefully Apple) lastly hit the market (or, you realize, present something in any respect).

It also needs to be identified that, as is the case for each market researcher, predictions can simply be extensive of the mark. IDC themselves predicted in 2011 that by 2015, Microsoft’s then new (and now lifeless) Home windows Telephone platform would overtake Apple’s IOS as within the cell phone market.

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