The HTC Vive celebrates its one-year anniversary with a one-day sale, plus a launch of a subscription app service.

One year of home holodecks is almost in the books, and HTC is marking the date with sales.

HTC Vive is the most expensive VR hardware on the market, and hasn’t formally dropped in price since its launch a year ago, unlike the Oculus Rift. HTC is, however, dropping the Vive’s price for a day by $100 to $699 on April 5 for “Vive Day.” The price drop mirrors the sales seen over Black Friday last year. Maybe, at some point, the Vive will stay at $699 permanently. Not yet, though.

The bigger news is that the Vive is finally launching a subscription software service via its HTC app hub Viveport, offering a rotating selection of apps for $6.99 a month. Up to five apps can be kept at once via the service, but a limited supply of apps will be available to choose from. Vive owners get a one-month free trial to the service starting April 5.

HTC is also giving away a free game compilation, Arcade Saga, starting April 5. The game debuted last year on Steam and Viveport. Oculus has been giving away several games to Rift owners, most recently Robo Recall.

A subscription plan for VR software seems like a perfect fit: most apps are better to try than buy. But, keep in mind that Viveport isn’t the same hub as Steam, which isn’t offering a subscription service yet.

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