There’s something to be said for simplicity, and that’s what Nyko aims to do with their Charge Block VR charging station for the PlayStation Move controllers. We got our hands on one to find out just how simple their charging solution for Sony’s peripheral really is.

Despite being named for a virtual reality headset, the Charge Block VR doesn’t actually have anything to do with PSVR per se. It’s strictly for the Move controllers, which admittedly at this point are pretty much exclusively used for PlayStation VR, so Nyko’s name makes some sense. I’m still a bit confused why it wasn’t called the Charge Block Move for the sake of clarity on what it actually does, seeing as PSVR itself doesn’t require any kind of charging.

Now that we’ve gotten past the name, it’s time to plug the Charge Block VR in and drop the Move controllers for some charging, which is literally how easy it is to use. One of the worst design choices that became apparent when PlayStation VR released was that Sony opted not to update the Move controllers in any apparent way. This meant new PSVR owners would find that the Move controllers require mini B-type USB connections instead of the micro B connections that most everything has moved to. With two Move controllers used in most any game that utilizes them, any charging solution that does away with having numerous tangles of mini B USB cables snaking out of the front of your PS4.

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