Are you thinking about the day you can create a full-length VR movie? Does full-length mean over 20 minutes?

Jaunt VR Head of Studio Grant Anderson discusses how long viewers will watch VR streams in this excerpt from the recent Streaming Media Summit, and how content developers should adjust their approach based on where their audience is today.

He points out that people can quickly get “VR FACE”… where wearing the HMD, typically any of the popular commercial units from Samsung Gear to Oculus to the Vive, can become tiresome simply because of the weight of the unit, having it strapped tightly and causing pressure on the bridge of the nose, or lenses fogging up over time.

There’s also the question of how large an audience one can expect to reach, based on the number of units out their, and the demographics of the potential audience.

Grant Anderson points out that the furthest time length he has pushed for has been up to about 18 minutes. After that, it’s not a sure thing that the audience will be willing to keep the headset on.

This may be a reflection of the issue of 3D full length videos that have been released to the public, also requiring special equipment (3D enabled screens and special glasses), which pushes up the cost to consumers, as well as requiring them to wear the special glasses.

You may draw your own conclusions about the merit of VR streamed full-length video, but it probably is still a big gamble to find a large enough audience willing to spend that much time with a VR headset on continuously to watch a non-interactive video.

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