In a recent tweet @BillGates shared his new Samsung GearVR channel where he’ll be providing his Gates Notes insights in full 360 view. In the latest episode, Hidden in Plain Sight, Gates challenges the viewer to spot innovations having an impact on the world through a game of hide and seek.

I think one big reason that people are pessimistic about the future is that they don’t account for the power of innovation. They simply extrapolate from what is going on today and don’t consider how new innovations and insights can fundamentally shift the trajectory of a current trend. If you don’t expect to see change, you won’t look for it.

While not specifically game related, the success of the mobile VR ecosystem has an impact on mobile VR games, and Bill Gates’ well-known philanthropic work combined with Samsung’s promotion for free GearVR’s with Galaxy S8 phone purchases may help further push the mobile VR ecosystem into the mainstream.

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