Cell VR has hit the streets in a brand new manner with Exit Reality—and it’s headed to a metropolis close to you. At VRLA, additionally they hosted Flipside, the quickest animation platform on the planet.

In the event you have been at VRLA this weekend, chances are high you seen the silver truck parked on the entrance of the conference ground. With its metallic, futuristic vibe and an endless stream of attendees flocking to it all through the weekend, the Exit Reality truck was onerous to overlook.

Even for its glossy aesthetics, the truck could be very actual and really purposeful. Exit Reality CEO and Cofounder Yoni Koenig confirmed that the truck was certainly the identical one recognized for cruising down the streets of San Francisco with free VR experiences in tow.

“Yeah, it’s a real truck,” mentioned Koenig. “This thing drives around.”

Whereas driving round, the truck tends to draw folks with very restricted data or experience with virtual reality—which, in line with Koenig is, “exactly the point.” He acknowledges that there’s no one-size-fits-all method to delivering a constructive VR experience, so his hope is that, by providing a number of various choices for various tastes, Exit Reality can ignite curiosity about the way forward for virtual reality. 

“How do you get people to care about things?” mentioned Koenig. “Through experiences. We program the content very much the way a television station or network would.”

The place many preach about evangelism, Exit Reality places it to apply—sharing the magic of VR to audiences that may not in any other case have an opportunity to. Slightly than choosing experiences at random from a retailer, Exit Reality rigorously curates content material to provide a large unfold of probably the most revolutionary, thrilling content material available.

That’s the place Flipside enters the equation.

For VRLA, along with loading up the truck with traditional, “fanboy” VR experiences akin to Tilt Brush and The Lab to excite the novice VR fanatics among the many conference crowd, Exit Reality hosted Flipside, considered one of quickest wasy on the earth to make animations—in VR.

Flipside, developed by Canadian VR startup The Campfire Union, is the world’s first VR tv studio. The software permits users to rework commonplace VR devices like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive into a totally operational tv studio and motion-capture system. Exhibits created in Flipside Studio are cheaper, sooner, and simpler to supply than any current animation technique, and infinitely shareable with family and friends.

Actors turn into the characters on a reside virtual set, and the VR studio eliminates the necessity for post-production. Maybe most importantly, the software makes it potential for animated exhibits to be watched reside in actual time, streamed in 2D by way of social media.

Although Flipside is geared to be used by skilled content material creators, the experience featured inside the Exit Reality truck was a “miniature version” of the studio that allowed users to enter an animated set in VR and act as a reporter in a reside news broadcast.

In response to Campfire Union CEO Lesley Klassen, the collaboration between the 2 revolutionary startups ended up being an ideal match for each events.

“They were looking for some new, fresh content,” mentioned Klassen. “And this is the first time we’ve publicly shown it to people.”

Scorching off a profitable VRLA weekend, it’s secure to say that each firms are gearing up for a giant 12 months. Be certain to remain up-to-date with Exit Reality and Flipside.

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