My accomplice stitches my physique to my mirror picture with a surgical thread. The viewers is positioned behind the mirror and is ready to see only my arm and leg that caught by means of the mirror. The motion can be watched on a monitor positioned close by. The video feed comes from a digital camera mounted on my accomplice’s head. On the finish, the viewers is invited to return over to my facet of the mirror and see me.

As we had been engaged on the piece, we thought of illustrating the connection between reality and the virtual world. Each worlds have an effect on one another, they construct and assemble one another, however typically we don’t need the virtual world to show a few of our qualities or private biography. The virtual due to this fact just isn’t us, so typically instances this connection and fixed alternate just isn’t essentially a unity, however quite typically a painful dependence.

SZ-ZS Efficiency can be checked out as a visible embodiment of Lacan’s “imaginary, symbolic and real.” The piece is an try to show these three ideas concurrently.
If “the imaginary” is our physique, and “the symbolic” is our mirror picture, then “the real” would be the inconceivable, bodily non-existing border between the mirror reflection and the flesh of the artist.
The try to reify this non-physical connection is painful and infeasible.

documentation by ULTRAFUTURO
Carried out at: Sofia Metropolis Artwork Gallery

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