Syria VR is a Digital Reality challenge created in 2 days in the course of the MIT VR/AR Hackathon.
Documentaries are often from third individual perspective. Right here we use virtual reality to create an immersive experience from first individual view that permits viewers to partake in troublesome experiences first hand. Within the setting of Syria refugee, the viewers is first in a nice cafe, adopted by a bomb, after which the entire metropolis is broken. The participant has the selection to get on a ship to Europe, or keep within the metropolis by gazing into the scene. The boat additionally has very high risk to sink. On the finish of storytelling and making this lifelong selection, the true statistics of Syria refugee are introduced to members. The challenge used Vive as platform and is created in Unity. We hope that by placing folks inside this drastic selection state of affairs can create alternatives for folks to raised perceive the experience and the selection inside.

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