Samsung is developing hands-free virtual reality user interface.

In the future we will be able to just use our face and voice to navigate in virtual reality. Samsung showed off a new technology called FaceSense, developed at its C-Lab incubator.

“Whenever we speak, change our expression or shift our gaze, our faces generate electric signals. FaceSense recognizes and translates these biometric signals into input for navigation, allowing users to maneuver through VR worlds with intuitive movements and simple voice commands, rather than reaching for out-of-sight physical controls,” explains Samsung in an announcement.

The FaceSense prototype showcased at the VRLA Expo 2017 in Los Angeles was designed for Samsung’s Gear VR headset, and may one day lead to the development of further biometric technologies that allow more individuals, including those with various usage impediments, to enjoy immersive VR experiences.

The FaceSense prototype currently capable of recognizing voice commands such as home, back, select and cancel. Users just gaze at the object they want to apply the voice commands too. This is still very limited, but future versions of FaceSense wil be able to “understand” what users want by just analyzing the biometric information revealed by facial expressions.

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