The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S7 are slightly similar, at least in terms of hardware. Let’s see how these smaller similarities could affect the VR experience to know which device is better to use.

In order to have a better VR experience, the device must have proper pixel density, a processor that can maintain 60fps for full immersion, as well as good battery performance.

The difference between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7 is, the S7 display is slightly thicker compared to S8. Also, the latest processor Snapdragon or Exynos will likely be in the latest flagship, although the capacity of the battery is same and both devices handle the same audio output. Galaxy S8 and S7 are also operating as close to the same software with same applications installed.

But which device is actually better for VR? The battery consumed while operating VR tasks and the heat being generated while performing those tasks are the important things to consider knowing which device is superior in VR.

Half an hour of gaming in VR like playing Wands with the new Gear VR Controller, the Galaxy S8 produces less heat and consumed less power compared to S7. Of course, less heat is always good. The Galaxy S8 never shows heat management warning in Gear VR, while heat warning rarely appears in Galaxy S7. By generating more heat, the battery of the device will be stressed which means faster deterioration over time.

The situation is not a huge concern for Galaxy S7, but it is something to consider when comparing it to Galaxy S8.

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