Most VR experiences allow you to see through the eyes of a character. Well Tekken 7’s VR mode has now been revealed and it’s kind of like the Cinematic Mode on PlayStation VR.

YouTube user, ShirrakoNew, posted some footage of the VR mode in Tekken 7 in a preview video and it looks kind of underwhelming. The first part of the video you are just watching a fight between Jin vs. Akuma from the side. You can look around the fight from many camera angles, but there is no first-person mode.

The other mode is that you can gawk at characters while they are wearing different clothes or posing around. This is seen in the second half of the video where the player is looking at Nina Williams.

VR is great technology for anyone that has tried it before. Sadly though, the VR in this game looks underwhelming. See for yourself in the video below.

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