It looks like Sony has begun pushing the PlayStation VR again, what with a number of games set to release for it this year, including the first-person shooter Farpoint, as well as a number of titles that are likely to be introduced next month at E3.

And those that are interested in picking it up will find a fairly good bargain, provided that they go to the right retailer. According to Twitter’s own Wario64, both Amazon and GameStop have begun offering a nice little deal with the core PlayStation VR headset – a free camera.

For a limited time, both retailers are throwing in the PlayStation 4 Camera with purchase of the core PlayStation VR headset, which currently goes for $399. That’s about a $60 savings, and the camera is required for certain games to interact with the PlayStation Move controllers (still sold separately, sadly), so it never hurts to have it added to the package.

Keep in mind that the deal is just for the $399 model, as the $500 package already includes a PlayStation Camera to go along with the headset, alongside the PlayStation Move controllers and a game thrown into the bundle. But it’s still a decent savings, especially if you’ve already forked over hundreds of dollars on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro hardware.

Again, it’s not known just how long this special will last, so if you’ve been curious about picking up a PlayStation VR – or finding just the right time to snag it with a bargain thrown in for good measure – this is about as good a time as any.

The PlayStation VR does have a few cool games for it, including Batman: Arkham VR, a nice recreation of the Rocksteady Games series specifically made for the virtual reality headset; Rebellion’s Battlezone, a revitalization of the classic tank game with exciting controls and visuals; and several others. It never hurts to shop around and see what other great PlayStation VR games there already are on the market, with several more to come in the months ahead.

The PlayStation VR is available now. Just make sure you set aside a few bucks to take it home.

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