Liftoff Labs and Big Fish Games are excited to announce the launch of Moonshot Galaxy™ today (May 9, 2017) to PlayStation®VR. Using DUALSHOCK®4 or PlayStation®Move controllers, players will combine strategy and skill to complete 36 planetary levels in unique quadrants of the universe.

Moonshot Galaxy is an innovative and unique VR game offering groundbreaking, comfortable, and accessible gameplay infused with charm, style, and polish. Its low-pressure atmosphere is perfect for players new to VR, while the challenge of mastering its courses offers depth of skill development and endless replayability for VR pros.

The idea is simple: sink the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible, with traditional golf scoring. That’s where the golf similarities end though, as there are no clubs to be found. Using PlayStation®Move controllers, simply pick up the ball, aim, and let it fly. An eye for a parabolic trajectory is a useful skill for this galactic challenge.

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