This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine

The gun is all white with a glowing ball on the front similar to the PlayStation Move and has both front and rear handles. The rear handle has a trigger where expected and an analog thumb stick behind that, which is surrounded by the square, triangle, circle, and X buttons. The front handle has another analog control stick on the backside along with a digital directional pad. On the front are L1 and L2 triggers.

All the buttons on the standard DualShock 4 controller are present on the Aim and within reach of your fingers.

“The game does do a good job of teaching you how to use the Aim controller.”

Farpoint is a sci-fi VR shooter that takes place on the other side of a wormhole. Polygon found the game to be basic and linear, and the story ends without much resolution. However, the game does do a good job of teaching you how to use the Aim controller. The gameplay in combination with the use of the Aim helped to raise the game’s final score to a 7.5 out of 10.

You can pick up Farpoint today for $49.99 by itself. The Aim Controller comes bundled with the game for $79.99, but you can also buy the gun peripheral from GameStop separately for $59.99.

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