Combining Form-Altering Interfaces and Spatial Augmented Reality Allows Prolonged Object Look
David Lindlbauer, Jens Emil Grønbæk, Morten Birk, Kim Halskov, Marc Alexa, Jörg Müller

CHI ’16: ACM Convention on Human Components in Computing Techniques
Session: Actual Reality Interfaces

We suggest combining shape-changing interfaces and spatial augmented reality for extending the house of appearances and interactions of actuated interfaces. Whereas shape-changing interfaces can dynamically alter the bodily look of objects, the mixing of spatial augmented reality moreover permits for dynamically altering objects’ optical look with high detail. This fashion, devices can render presently difficult options corresponding to high frequency texture or quick movement. We body this mix within the context of computer graphics with analogies to established methods for rising the realism of 3D objects corresponding to bump mapping. This extensible framework helps us establish challenges of the 2 methods and advantages of their mixture. We make the most of our prototype shape-changing device enriched with spatial augmented reality by means of projection mapping to reveal the idea. We current a novel mechanical distance-fields algorithm for real-time becoming of mechanically constrained shape-changing devices to arbitrary 3D graphics. Moreover, we current a way for rising efficient display screen actual property for spatial augmented reality by means of view-dependent form change.


Recorded on the 2016 CHI Convention on Human Components in Computing Techniques in San Jose, CA, United States, Could 7-12, 2016

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