Apple will be making their highly anticipated product announcement in the next coming months and they’ve caused some excitement because this time, it’s not a iPhone or an iPad.

So what is the world’s leading tech brand bringing into our hands? Glasses. Yes, reading glasses. But these aren’t just any normal glasses. The tech giant has hired specialists from NASA and MIT Engineers to create mass-consumer useable augmented reality glasses to change the way we look at our world, and interact with it.

What is augmented reality you ask?

Augmented reality (AR) is the view of our real-world environment where computer-generated sensory is used to augment or supplement. Think of those futuristic hologram screens actors use in those futuristic movies. However, rather than saving the world, AR has the capacity to help in so many smaller common-day instances. For example a heads-up display of speed and fuel levels on the windscreen of a car, glasses with a map and gps superimposed over your real-life view or a doctor being able to view the organs and health signs just by looking at a patient.

Augmented reality became big overnight when its attractive real-life imposed creatures appeared in parks and urban areas in Pokemon Go. We are expecting Pokemon Go players will be happy when the glasses come out so they can play in full 360-degree mode.

How is it different to virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a way to escape the world. It is looking at a screen. AR on the other hand is looking at the real world and using software in any way it can assist. Think of Snapchat’s filter faces.

Apple’s big moves

Apple sees AR as an integral part of tomorrow’s world. They have hired NASA augmented reality specialist Jeff Norris to help with the development of the product and German optics glass maker Carl Zeiss to work on the frame of the glasses. There is no doubt Apple are serious about being true competitors in the up-and-coming AR glasses boom.

When is it coming out? We are expecting Apple to make an announcement in the next coming months, but could be towards the end of this year.

How much will it cost? Developer editions (as you can see on our site) range between $800-$3000, but with the much cheaper price of Snapchat’s Snap Glasses ($120-$150) we are expecting to see Apple Glasses being sold to consumers for between $140-$300.

iPhone 8

We are also expecting to see a huge interaction between augmented reality software and Apple’s iPhone 8. The iPhone is coming up to its 10th anniversary and it’s full-screen rounded glass features have already been leaked. For the announcement date, we’ve been told it will be revealed in October. So let’s see.

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