Amazon Net Companies has added one other computer science heavyweight to its worker roster. James Gosling, also known as the “Father of Java,” announced on Facebook Monday that he could be becoming a member of the cloud supplier as a distinguished engineer.

Gosling got here up with the unique design of Java and carried out its first compiler and virtual machine as a part of his work at Solar Microsystems. He left Solar in 2010 after the corporate was acquired by Oracle, spent a short while at Google and most just lately labored at Liquid Robotics designing software for an underwater robotic.

Amazon confirmed that Gosling had joined the corporate, however didn’t supply any additional touch upon the work he could be doing there. Gosling will be part of different tech luminaries together with Adrian Cockroft, Swami Sivasubramanian and Werner Vogels.

Whereas it’s unclear precisely what he’ll be engaged on, Gosling looks like a pure match for the groups creating AWS’s tools for the Internet of Things. He’s intimately accustomed to the method of deploying IoT systems, in addition to the challenges that come up on the subject of utilizing the general public cloud with IoT.

“In my case, there are no cloud providers [Liquid Robotics] can use, so we end up rolling our own for everything, which is a real pain,” Gosling said at IP Expo Europe in 2016, when discussing IoT systems. “I mean, a lot of the cloud providers would make my life hugely easier, but convincing [a] random Coast Guard from some random country that they should trust Amazon is really, really hard.”

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