HBO’s Silicon Valley is a constantly hilarious and enlightening look into the California high-tech hub. The present is instructed via the eyes of six males founding their very own startup and their trials as they navigate the tech realm. The 4th season debuted in April this 12 months and, on their 2nd episode, the show finally addresses virtual reality. A press release from character Erlich Bachman, performed by TJ Miller, about his want to get entangled with a VR app within the 2nd episode of this season served as a comical and pretty correct summation of in the present day’s VR standing: “That’s the frothiest space in the valley right now. Nobody understands it, but everybody wants in. Any idiot could walk into a f*cking room, utter the letters ‘V’ and ‘R’ and VCs will hurl bricks of cash at them. By the time they find out it’s vaporware it’s too late. I have got to get in on this.”

It seems the app he was focused on wasn’t VR associated however, after a sequence of events, it grew to become the “Shazam of Food.” Via Engadget, the real-life counterpart to the present’s app has gone dwell and it may well let you know with nice confidence if the item you’re pointing your phone’s digicam at is a scorching canine or not.

Not HotDog is the hilarious app that will get offered for a big sum of cash by the character Jian-Yang after Erlich Bachman backs away from the deal. It’s not VR, nevertheless it nonetheless presents the immersive trade on the present by being a really fundamental type of augmented reality. You merely level your phone’s digicam at an object and it tells you whether or not it’s a hotdog or not a hotdog — essential info for our each day lives.

This can be a neat promotional software that parallels the humor of the present in a foolish method and most certainly is not going to be the final time Silicon Valley tackles the VR and AR industries. Not HotDog is available totally free on iOS.

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