This week, Google’s AlphaGo defeated a top-ranked Chinese Go player, Ke Jie, within the first match of a three-game collection underway in China. The victory by AlphaGo — created by DeepMind, which Google purchased three years in the past — follows its headline-grabbing overcome South Korean Go star Lee Sedol final yr. Go is a two-player historic Chinese language board recreation performed by extra 40 million folks worldwide.

This battle of man versus machine naturally strikes the general public’s fancy and recollects Deep Blue‘s epic 1997 win over Garry Kasparov, a world chess champion. Deep Blue was an IBM supercomputer that relied on brute power computation. AlphaGo, in the meantime, makes use of machine studying to get higher and sooner at avoiding dangers to narrowly obtain one factor: winning a game of Go. “Last year, it was still quite humanlike when it played,” Ke said after his loss. “But this year, it became like a god of Go.”

Even whereas the AI capabilities of AlphaGo surpass these of Deep Blue (or Watson), they share a typical limitation. They’re examples of artificial narrow intelligence that come nowhere close to the generalized synthetic intelligence anticipated (or feared) by so many. Chess? Verify. Self-driving vehicles? Verify. Go? Verify. HBO’s Westworld? Not but, if ever.

AlphaGo’s win exhibits how far slender AI has come and of how distant basic AI stays. Video games two and three are scheduled for as we speak and Saturday and may be watched by way of live stream.

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P.S. Please take pleasure in this video, “Is Singularity Near?” that includes Ray Kurzweil interviewing the late Marvin Minsky, a founding father of synthetic intelligence.


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