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BEST Google Cardboard VR 3D SBS 1080p games / apps 2016
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Whales Dream of Flying by Odd however Superior

Sit back together with your Google Cardboard VR (Digital Reality) and this quick journey into one other world.

Stress-free visuals and chill music make for a pleasant little break. Headphones very really useful. Sitting in a swivel chair is sweet so you possibly can spin round too.

Why trip a traditional curler coaster, you are able to do that for actual already. This distinctive Google Cardboard VR experience is actually out of this world. Glide serenely high above a darkish blue ocean as distant whale track calls from afar.

Take the step into inexpensive VR and get your self a set of Google Cardboard VR goggles. Use your current smartphone.
Be aware : You want virtual reality equipment for 3D experience. Put your smartphone in virtual reality equipment for instance google cardboard and so forth.
I’m utilizing AuraVR Digital Reality Headset

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