Intel has announced a few new technological additions to the International Cricket Champions (ICC) Trophy, which starts Thursday 1 June.

Chief among the technological advancements Intel will be taking to the tournament, include using the company’s Falcon 8 drone to analyse the pitch before each match. The Falcon 8 drone is equipped with HD and infrared cameras and will be able to monitor and assess grass cover, grass health and topology. All the data will then be available for commentators to access and use during matches.

Intel also has a cricket bat sensor that’s powered by the company’s own Curie technology. The sensor can be attached to any cricket bat to generate data for each individual player. Data monitored includes back-lift, bat speed and follow-through. The sensors will be used by several batsmen during the tournament to not only allow them to assess and improve their game, but to give the audience a greater insight into stroke play.

It’s not just the professionals that will ultimately get to benefit from the Speculur BatSense technology either, as Speculur plans to launch a consumer version of the bat sensor later in 2017. The consumer version will be available in Australia, India, the US and the UK in the second half of 2017.

With its applications within sport rising all the time, it may come as no surprise to know that Intel will be bringing virtual reality to the ICC Trophy too. There will be dedicated virtual reality zones at both The Oval and Edgbaston cricket grounds, where fans and visitors can don a VR headset to test their batting skills against a virtual bowler.

The bat used when participating will also have the BatSense sensor attached, so players can view their bat stroke data and be given a final simulated score from the session.

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