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The World’s First Digital Reality Visible EP: Seclude

On June 23rd, 2017 arrives the premiere of Seclude, a 20-minute audio-visual EP in VR. Valencia. VR creative agency AtraVerse presents the world premiere of Seclude, the primary EP to take musical tales into full immersion with virtual reality. Seclude contains music from Arletis, Johnny Snelgrove, and Achaziyah all exploring the sounds of isolation and the way they manifest visually.

Seclude is the primary manufacturing by startup AtraVerse, the inventive company tailor-made to creating story-first virtual reality music content material. This album is step one to a protracted profession in reestablishing the requirements of creativity for visible musicians.

When music movies have been nonetheless a nuance, they have been used as a method for artists to face out and pair their music to a visible counterpart. Nevertheless, after using this medium for greater than thirty years, the inventive output has been maxed out, and thus music movies have been in a decline. Seclude will likely be a mannequin for what virtual reality can do for the music business, and AtraVerse would be the ones to supply it.

AtraVerse will likely be presenting the EP on the official launch social gathering at 8pm, in Valencia, Spain. Each, Seclude and the social gathering stay stream will likely be available remotely by means of (compatible with all VR applied sciences). Visit now to enroll in entry.

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