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Burning with originality, intelligence, and a deft use of the medium, Reggie Watts weaves a virtual reality story that may be a dream-within-a-dream meta-ride down the rabbit gap, on this Ben Dickson directed experience the place the only constants appear to be Watts’ philosophical musings, comedic insights, and musical genius.

Starring: Reggie Watts
Costarring: Nathalie Emmanuel

Written by: Reggie Watts and Benjamin Dickinson
Directed by: Benjamin Dickinson
Produced by: Anthony Batt and Luis E. Blackaller

Government Producer: Anthony Batt
Inventive Director: Luis E. Blackaller

Coproducer: Mark Depace
Editor: Andrew Hasse and Megan Brooks
Music: Reggie Watts
Sound Design: Brendan Hogan and Jamie Hunsdale
Animation & Visible Results Producer: Patricio Verdi Bursati
Animation Director: Luis E. Blackaller
Director of Pictures: Andrew Shulkind

Likes: four

Seen: 453

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